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5 Free Apps to boost SMB productivity

At BelcaSoft, we strongly believe that new technology can improve productivity and profitability of small and mid-sized businesses (SMB). We constantly monitor, test and implement new applications into our operations. Today we would like to share our experience.

The following innovative technologies are web applications that will save you time at work by increasing your productivity and efficiency.


Toggl is easy to use time-tracking tool. Insanely simple and sweet application. It is cloud-based and can be up and running from scratch in less than a minute.

We use web, mobile and desktop versions for time management, tracking service, and productivity analysis. Toggl totally kills timesheets! And yes, it is FREE if you have simple tasks and a team of 5 users.



Evernote is a very popular web application that has maintained its popularity for years. You can save portions of or full web pages, files, images and notes that you use for work. Your Evernote web clips are saved in notebooks which you can share, search and keep in sync with all your devices and platforms. Anything you see online can be captured including videos, audio files, and photos. The Evernote Web Clipper can be installed into your web browser for easy and time-saving webpage captures. You can make notes and attach reminders to the notes so that you don’t forget important deadlines.

We use web, mobile and desktop Evernote applications for GTD and information/data management tasks.



TaxTron is a tax preparation software. Easy, step-by-step approach guides you through preparing your taxes. The application has a variety of Canadian tax forms that you can use for simple and complex tax returns. TaxTron T1 and T2 is currently offered FREE of charge.



PaymentEvolution provides easy to use, secure online payroll services to small and mid-sized businesses across Canada. It offers innovative, affordable and simple solution to Canadian payroll market. PaymentEvolution is highly flexible and configurable tool for SMB.

We use this tool for payroll calculation and payments for our company and as part of solution for our clients. PaymentEvolution is FREE for SME with up to 5 employees.



Bitrix24 is online app that provides tools for task management, document-sharing, and time-tracking as well as all the communication and collaboration features you’d expect in a social network. The application also includes messaging (like integrated email, essentially) for private conversations, instant text-chat capabilities for real-time collaboration, contact-management tools, a photo gallery, and calendar abilities.

Bitrix 24 is good for small businesses that need an easy, low-maintenance, just-the-basics tools for tracking tasks, documents, conversations, data, time reports, CRM and more. The application is striving to be an organizational tool for businesses that just need a bit of everything to make their working lives easier.

At BelcaSoft, we use Bitrix24 as CRM, file sharing, project and tasks management, calendars, team collaboration. Bitrix24 reduced our e-mail communication by 80% and increased speed of software development and quality of our consulting projects.

Best of all, it is FREE for teams with fewer than 12 people.


These are five recommended applications to boost SMB productivity. Using Toggl, Evernote, TaxTron, PaymentEvolution and Bitrix24 you can devote more time to your most important projects.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding business usage of these applications.

BelcaSoft wishes you business success in 2014!

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Partnership Announced: BelcaSoft and ValMax Solutions


Calgary, AB and Montreal, QC (December 2, 2013) – BelcaSoft, a Calgary-based software development and management consulting company is proud to announce partnership with Valmax Solutions, an Montreal-based ERP and IT systems solutions provider specializing in automated solutions for businesses.

The direct connection between BelcaSoft and Valmax Solutions allows companies to optimize resources, speed-up products development, and expand geographically.

“At the core of our business model are the principles of trust and honesty and ‘Win-Win’ relationships. We believe that this strategic partnership will help our companies achieve their goals through mutual collaboration,” said Michael Maltsev, CEO at BelcaSoft.

Eugene Konstantynov, VP at Valmax Solutions, comments: “We are proud to have joined in partnership with BelcaSoft because we see great opportunities for our products in Western Canada.”



About BelcaSoft

BelcaSoft is a Calgary-based software development and management consulting company. BelcaSoft is focused on custom software solutions for energy, manufacturing and construction industries. BelcaSoft has the industry experience, tools, and tailored software solutions to help companies streamline their business operations and accelerate their growth.


About  Valmax Solutions

Valmax Solutions is a consulting provider specialized in end-to-end Business Management Solutions from Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Resource Management (HRM) to IT Outsourcing including Infrastructure Management and Network Administration services.  Valmax Solutions helps customers focus on their strengths by providing proper tools to meet their needs. –

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RigER – Rig Equipment Rentals™ at DemoCamp

October 23, 2013

RER_DemoCamp26Calgary, AB – New software product RigER (Rig Equipment Rentals) was presented at Calgary DemoCamp #26.

Michael Maltsev, CEO of BelcaSoft made full demonstration of specialized software for Oil and Gas servicing companies – RigER v. 1.4. The application supports full operation cycle of rental business: Call Center – Dispatcher – Field Technician – Accountant – Safety Officer – General Manager.

“RigER is the perfect solution for Canadian oil patch rental operations”,  Mr. Maltsev said.


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