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Information technology predictions for oil, gas industries

The Bakken Magazine published Information technology predictions for oil, gas industries:

1. CEOs will expect immediate and accurate information on top shale plays by the end of 2015.

2. Oil and gas firms should and will work with engineers, geologists and drillers to develop dashboards that will help in developing certain fields.

3. By the end of 2017, 80 percent of the top oil and gas companies will reengineer processes and systems to optimize logistics, hedge risk and efficiently and safely deliver crude, liquefied natural gas and refined products.

4. Over the next three years, 40 percent of oil and gas majors and all software divisions of oilfield services will co-innovate on domain specific technical projects with IT professional service firms.

5. By 2016, 70 percent of oil and gas firms will have invested in programs to evolve their IT packages and third-party platforms that help in changing commodity price environments.

6. With continued labor shortages impacting oil and gas workforce, firms will look to IT to meet productivity goals.

7. 100 percent of top 25 oil and gas firms will use modeling and simulation tools to optimize field development programs by the end of 2017.

8. Spending on connectivity-related technologies will increase by 30 percent between 2014 and 2016.

9. As mergers and acqusitions happen in 2015, 40 percent of oil and gas companies will look to reevaluate hydrocarbon accounting practices.

10. By 2016, 50 percent of oil and gas firms will have advanced analytics in place. Roughly one-quarter of the top 25 firms will apply intergrated planning and information to large capital projects by 2015.

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RigER Version 2.1

Great news! We are pleased to introduce RigER Version 2.1.


We have invested our time to make RigER Better and Better Each Day!

Main improvements fo version 2.1 are:

  • Operations Dashboards
    • Rental Units Availability
    • Oilfield Rentals Pulse
  • Powerful Reports
    • Deployed Rental Units
    • List of Rental Agreements
    • List of Delivery Tickets
    • List of Rental Invoices
    • Rental Unit History
    • Availability Report
    • Utilization Report

Rental Units Availability used by Fleet Manager and Dispatcher to manage and schedule rental jobs, make confirmation call and see detail picture of each serial number and rental unit.

Oilfield Rentals Pulse shows operational pulse of your business. This dashboard designed for General Managers, Operations Managers, and Business Owners. This form makes your business transparent.

See more information about new version at

RigER 2.1 – Better and Better Each Day! 

Download full product presentataion here

RigER – Boost Oilfield Rentals!

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RigER Implementation Methodology

BelcaSoft is pleased to introduce RigER Implementation Methodology. We use 5 Simple Steps to successfully implement Oilfield Service and Rental Operations Management Software.


RigER is highly configurable and ready to use solution. Therefore, Oilfield Operations Management varies from company to company.

5 Simple Steps Implementation Methodology offers clients fast and easy way to implement RigER.  Learn more about each step – see RigER Implementation Methodology

About RigER

RigER – Rig Equipment Rentals – oilfield service and rental operations management software. RigER is all-in-one solution for oilfield rentals. RigER manages entire oil patch operations: from client service request and service schedule via field tickets to final service invoice. Our solution includes all features of oil patch service (Rig, LSD, Down-hole location, Well, etc.)

Boost Oilfield Rentals with RigER! Implement RigER to you day-to-day operations!

Call Today!  403-918-5779



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RigER 2.0 – We Boost Our Product to Boost Your Oilfield Rental Business

BelcaSoft is pleased to introduces new version of RigER – Oilfield Service and Rental Operation Management Software.

RigER 2.0 – We Boost Out Product to Boost Your Oilfield Rental Business!


We have invested our time to make new user interface. 100% of our current users love that change!

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ERP: Software Concept Development History

ERP is the part of the interlinked processes that make up the total business and financial impact. Almost all the typical application systems are nothing but the data manipulation tools. They store data, process them, and present them in the appropriate form whenever requested by the user. In this process the only problem is that there is no link between the application systems being used by different departments.

Today acronym ERP is used in different meaning. We would like to explain what we mean by ERP and what is our vision of ERP future.

Picture 1. ERP Structure 

More details see in our latest presentation ERP: Software Concept Development History

Feel free to contact us to ask any questions.

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