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Oil Field Dispatch

Oil Field Dispatch and Rental Jobs Management is an essential element of oilfield rental business. Service and rental company maintains dispatch to meet customer demand and contract needs by efficiently utilizing equipment and available personnel.

Dispatcher needs to monitor real-time conditions and customer’s needs through constant communication with customer personnel and field technicians. It requires fast and reliable tool to support operations on a rotating, on-call basis. We have special dashboard in RigER to make oil field dispatch simple, visual and efficient.


We are glad to present our new video. RigER: User Manual and Demo. Rental Job Gantt Chart was published at RigER YouTube Channel.

Please see how to track and manage rental job by Rental Job Gantt Chart. It’s easy! Manage your rentals process from one screen, including scheduling, equipment movement, and billing rates and cycles.

About RigER

RigER (Rig Equipment Rentals) is oilfield operations management software for energy service companies. It makes oilfield service and rentals simple to manage from first client call to final invoice: client quote and rental agreement, service request, job schedule, rental fleet management, oilfield calendar, field tickets, delivery ticket, serial numbers tracking, performance analysis and more.

Schedule Service Sooner, Dispatch Jobs Quickly, Invoice Clients Faster, Get Accurate Reports!

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Oilfield Rentals Directory

CALGARY, Alberta (April 7, 2015) – BelcaSoft presents RigER new initiative to support Oilfield Service and Rental Companies – Oilfield Rentals Directory

There are many different resources on the Internet about oilfield services, but we did not find oilfield rentals directory. Moreover, web search quality nowadays becomes more and more questionable. So, we decided to build our own.



Market situation today requires many changes from Oil and Gas Industry: cost effective solutions, fast processing operations, high quality decision making. Many of our clients are facing significant issues as a result of the recent decline in oil prices. In downturn circumstance, focus should be on sales and marketing. Oilfield Rental Companies should increase marketing and advertising activities, boosting visibility and online presence. We here to help! Eh! Even more! Oilfield Rentals Directory is free for rental companies.

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Oilfield Rentals LinkedIn Group

BelcaSoft presents:

RigER specializes in helping oilfield rental companies in Western Canada and USA to manage business, increase utilization, boost productivity and profitability.

We just organized new group at LinkedIn – Oilfield Rentals. It is networking group for Oil & Gas Rental Business Processionals.


We would like to build Oilfield Rentals Forum. Feel free to share stories about Oilfield Operations!

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Information technology predictions for oil, gas industries

The Bakken Magazine published Information technology predictions for oil, gas industries:

1. CEOs will expect immediate and accurate information on top shale plays by the end of 2015.

2. Oil and gas firms should and will work with engineers, geologists and drillers to develop dashboards that will help in developing certain fields.

3. By the end of 2017, 80 percent of the top oil and gas companies will reengineer processes and systems to optimize logistics, hedge risk and efficiently and safely deliver crude, liquefied natural gas and refined products.

4. Over the next three years, 40 percent of oil and gas majors and all software divisions of oilfield services will co-innovate on domain specific technical projects with IT professional service firms.

5. By 2016, 70 percent of oil and gas firms will have invested in programs to evolve their IT packages and third-party platforms that help in changing commodity price environments.

6. With continued labor shortages impacting oil and gas workforce, firms will look to IT to meet productivity goals.

7. 100 percent of top 25 oil and gas firms will use modeling and simulation tools to optimize field development programs by the end of 2017.

8. Spending on connectivity-related technologies will increase by 30 percent between 2014 and 2016.

9. As mergers and acqusitions happen in 2015, 40 percent of oil and gas companies will look to reevaluate hydrocarbon accounting practices.

10. By 2016, 50 percent of oil and gas firms will have advanced analytics in place. Roughly one-quarter of the top 25 firms will apply intergrated planning and information to large capital projects by 2015.

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