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RigER Demo Database Published

BelcaSoft made one more step towards our future clients!

We finalized all tests and published RigER Demo Database. Now you can test RigER yourself and find out how it work. Many companies find that a live, web-based product demonstration is helpful to understand how RigER can support oilfield rental operations.

Contact us to have one week unlimited access to all features as power user.

Have more questions? Want to obtain more information about our products and services?

We are here to help. Schedule a customized on-line demo!

Our demonstration will guide you through the product’s main features and benefits. It can be tailored to your specific roles and requirements to make sure that you get all you need from the session.


We look forward to working with you!


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Oilfield Service and Rentals Action Plan

BelcaSoft presents 2015 Oilfield Service and Rentals Action Plan.

2015 Canadian Winter Drilling Season is over. Drilling activity is 45% down from last year. For some of our clients sales are 70% down. Some oil companies cut drilling programs, others ask for significant discounts.

It’s not new for oilfield. We had that before. Experts say that this oil crisis is different from 1986, 1998, and 2008. Yes, it should be that way! Oil and Gas Industry develops in cycles. We have different industry structure, more advanced technology and experienced people now.

Many of our clients are facing significant issues as a result of the recent decline in commodity prices. We prepared the 2015 Oilfield Service and Rentals Action Plan which will be useful to your organization as you navigate the low price environment.

We stand for oilfield and believe that good times will come! Stay calm and have an Action Plan.

If you need any assistance with your Downturn Action plan feel free to conact us. Our approach will allow you to navigate the down-cycles and be better positioned for the up-cycles.

All questions on the Downturn Action Plan should be e-mailed to RigER Sales.


Boost Oilfield Rentals with RigER!

Call Today! 403-918-5779

Download 2015 Oilfield Service and Rentals Action Plan.

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Drilling Rig Activity Report: January 2015

This month we will start to make monthly reports of Drilling Rig Activity in Western Canada.


RigER presents Drilling Rig Activity Report: January 2015.

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RigER Version 2.1

Great news! We are pleased to introduce RigER Version 2.1.


We have invested our time to make RigER Better and Better Each Day!

Main improvements fo version 2.1 are:

  • Operations Dashboards
    • Rental Units Availability
    • Oilfield Rentals Pulse
  • Powerful Reports
    • Deployed Rental Units
    • List of Rental Agreements
    • List of Delivery Tickets
    • List of Rental Invoices
    • Rental Unit History
    • Availability Report
    • Utilization Report

Rental Units Availability used by Fleet Manager and Dispatcher to manage and schedule rental jobs, make confirmation call and see detail picture of each serial number and rental unit.

Oilfield Rentals Pulse shows operational pulse of your business. This dashboard designed for General Managers, Operations Managers, and Business Owners. This form makes your business transparent.

See more information about new version at

RigER 2.1 – Better and Better Each Day! 

Download full product presentataion here

RigER – Boost Oilfield Rentals!

Call 403-918-5779



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RigER Implementation Methodology

BelcaSoft is pleased to introduce RigER Implementation Methodology. We use 5 Simple Steps to successfully implement Oilfield Service and Rental Operations Management Software.


RigER is highly configurable and ready to use solution. Therefore, Oilfield Operations Management varies from company to company.

5 Simple Steps Implementation Methodology offers clients fast and easy way to implement RigER.  Learn more about each step – see RigER Implementation Methodology

About RigER

RigER – Rig Equipment Rentals – oilfield service and rental operations management software. RigER is all-in-one solution for oilfield rentals. RigER manages entire oil patch operations: from client service request and service schedule via field tickets to final service invoice. Our solution includes all features of oil patch service (Rig, LSD, Down-hole location, Well, etc.)

Boost Oilfield Rentals with RigER! Implement RigER to you day-to-day operations!

Call Today!  403-918-5779



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RigER 2.0 – We Boost Our Product to Boost Your Oilfield Rental Business

BelcaSoft is pleased to introduces new version of RigER – Oilfield Service and Rental Operation Management Software.

RigER 2.0 – We Boost Out Product to Boost Your Oilfield Rental Business!


We have invested our time to make new user interface. 100% of our current users love that change!

Read more ›

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Spreadsheets for Oilfield Service and Rentals Tracking! Really?

Have you ever tried to control your shop inventory in a spreadsheet? How about rental days count?

It is not easy. In fact, it is almost impossible. The reason is obvious. Spreadsheets are static and not designed for dynamic tracking. They will never work as logistics, warehouse and rental software.

In spite of this, spreadsheets, e-mail and paper-based systems are currently widely used in oilfield service industry. Many small and medium size companies use them to track oilfield rentals. This has led to major problems as companies grow and more people need to access the spreadsheets that show rental units availability and locations, service periods, utilization and profitability. Multi-user mode in spreadsheets is another story.

We heard many stories of lost or forgotten equipment caused cash loss and put safety at risk.

The industry reports big chunk of time and resources being spent to retrieve information from spreadsheets. And the more company grows, the more complicated it becomes.

We once found 152 errors in one spreadsheet. The spreadsheet had been in use for a long time and the validity of the data had gradually decayed.

In general, many spelling errors and incorrect references resulted in the spreadsheet being considerable economic and operational risk.

The Wall Street Journal recently published even worse case – Spreadsheet Mistake Cost Tibco Shareholders $100 Million.

There are many good reasons for oilfield rental companies to consider software like RigER to replace spreadsheets.

Learn more about our solution for oil and gas industry here.

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3 Key Points of Preparation for Drilling Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Western Canadian oil and gas industry operates in annual and seasonal cycles. A consequence is the need for a large number of skilled labor force and related equipment to handle peak activity periods.

The cyclic nature of the industry creates significant challenges, such as low equipment utilization on an annualized basis, retention of a competent field work force, potential for increased accident and worker injuries.

The oilfield service and rental companies should prepare for new drilling season.

Here are three key points, which are the pillars to being a successful oilfield rental company:

  • Equipment – Rental Fleet;
  • People – Field Technicians;
  • Operations – Internal Business Processes.

Rental Fleet

The oilfield rental units need regular inspection, maintenance, replacement, relocation, recovery and reconditioning of equipment, and it is better to do this before the busy season. More over new drilling season preparation is the best time to add new rental units or new type of equipment to the rental fleet. Usually oilfield rental companies have different options: purchase, lease, or finance new equipment.


Field Technicians

To be prepared for winter drilling season oilfield service and rental companies should start hiring in September. There are a lot of thing to do in this short period: find qualified candidates, interview them, select potential employees, negotiate, make job offer, hire.

Training, certification and staff development ensure that the workforce will continue to develop the skills necessary for successful drilling season (H2S Alive, Standard First Aid, WHMIS, TDG, PST / CSTS). Successful oilfield service and rental companies focus on effective internal communication, teamwork and strong corporate culture as well.



Oilfield equipment rental is a complicated asset management and job tracking process that includes preparation, dispatch, management, control, invoice, analysis. Oilfield rental operations business process should be tested and optimized for increasing activity.

Unfortunately, due to the onsite deployment of rental units, the management process generally relies on paper forms or standalone computer applications. Paper-based approach is unnecessarily complex, expensive and prone to errors. It also makes it difficult to track the assets and jobs over their lifecycle, identify performance issues, conduct preventive maintenance and manage assets across a customer account.

Implementation of operation management software, such as RigER, gives the rental company return on its investment while providing both attractive costs and reliability to customers.

Please see our presentation – 7 Ways to Boost Oilfield Rentals.
Learn more about our solution for oil and gas industry.



About RigER

RigER – Rig Equipment Rentals – oilfield rental operations management software designed for Oil and Gas industry. RigER manages entire oil patch operations: from client service request and service schedule via field tickets to final service invoice. RigER was designed for small and medium size energy servicing companies. RigER focuses on oil & gas equipment rentals but it tracks service jobs as well. It includes all features of oil patch service (Rig, LSD, Down-hole location, Well, etc.).

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Drilling Rigs in Western Canada [INFOGRAPHIC]

We prepared new infographics about Drilling Rigs in Western Canada. It shows Canadian oilfield features: drilling allocation by provinces and seasonality of drilling in Western Canada.

Read full description at blog –


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7 Ways to Boost Oilfield Rentals

Calgary, AB (June 10, 2014) – BelcaSoft, a Calgary-based software development and management consulting company is proud to announce RigER presentations at Global Petroleum Show 2014 #GPS14. RigER, an oilfield rental operations management software, will be presented on the topic of 7 Ways to Boost Oilfield Rentals at The “Doghouse” Start-up Presentation Theatre.


This presentation will describe the key aspects of successful oilfield rental business. Areas of focus will include cash flow improvement and software implementation questions.

There will be open discussion points on the common issues that arise with Oilfield Rentals including

  • Key Oilfield Rentals Challenges
  • How it can Effect Rental Business
  • Cash Flow and Operating Cycle
  • Accurate and Fast Invoicing
  • Cost Reduction and Minimum Paperwork
  • Real-time Reporting Supporting Better Decisions

Michael Maltsev, CEO will also address the importance of customization of selected software based on specific needs.

Visit us at The “Doghouse” Start-up Presentation Theatre, Hall “H”, Booth 9008.

  • Tuesday, June 10th at 3:00-3:30 PM
  • Wednesday, June 11th at 4:00-4:30 PM
  • Thursday, June 12th at 3:30-4:00 PM

Click to see presentation 7 Ways to Boost Oilfield Rentals.

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