Oil Field Dispatch

Oil Field Dispatch and Rental Jobs Management is an essential element of oilfield rental business. Service and rental company maintains dispatch to meet customer demand and contract needs by efficiently utilizing equipment and available personnel.

Dispatcher needs to monitor real-time conditions and customer’s needs through constant communication with customer personnel and field technicians. It requires fast and reliable tool to support operations on a rotating, on-call basis. We have special dashboard in RigER to make oil field dispatch simple, visual and efficient.


We are glad to present our new video. RigER: User Manual and Demo. Rental Job Gantt Chart was published at RigER YouTube Channel.

Please see how to track and manage rental job by Rental Job Gantt Chart. It’s easy! Manage your rentals process from one screen, including scheduling, equipment movement, and billing rates and cycles.

About RigER

RigER (Rig Equipment Rentals) is oilfield operations management software for energy service companies. It makes oilfield service and rentals simple to manage from first client call to final invoice: client quote and rental agreement, service request, job schedule, rental fleet management, oilfield calendar, field tickets, delivery ticket, serial numbers tracking, performance analysis and more.

Schedule Service Sooner, Dispatch Jobs Quickly, Invoice Clients Faster, Get Accurate Reports!

See more info – www.riger.ca

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