Oilfield Rentals Directory

CALGARY, Alberta (April 7, 2015) – BelcaSoft presents RigER new initiative to support Oilfield Service and Rental Companies – Oilfield Rentals Directory

There are many different resources on the Internet about oilfield services, but we did not find oilfield rentals directory. Moreover, web search quality nowadays becomes more and more questionable. So, we decided to build our own.



Market situation today requires many changes from Oil and Gas Industry: cost effective solutions, fast processing operations, high quality decision making. Many of our clients are facing significant issues as a result of the recent decline in oil prices. In downturn circumstance, focus should be on sales and marketing. Oilfield Rental Companies should increase marketing and advertising activities, boosting visibility and online presence. We here to help! Eh! Even more! Oilfield Rentals Directory is free for rental companies.

We used information from the following public services:

RigER focuses on oilfield rentals and we build a special directory for this sector. We present following information about oilfield rentals companies:

  • Company Name
  • Website Link
  • HQ
  • Operating Ares
  • Equipment and Services

Oilfield Rentals Drectory now work in beta mode. If we receive positive feedback from oilfield rentals community, we will make it searchable and add some other features.

117 companies were published and 20+ will be published each week. Stay Turned!

Please check Oilfield Rentals Directory, our new initiative to support Oilfield Rentals Community!

Let us know if you find your company there!

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